Enhancing Real Estate Opportunities: The Power of Partnership and Comprehensive Services

Oct 2, 2023Company News, Industry News, Partnership News

In the dynamic world of real estate, partnerships and a wide range of services have become essential for success. Greywolf Partners and Badger Realty Team, joined forces to create a partnership that has been in unlocking new opportunities and meeting the evolving demands of the market since April 2022.

This collaboration has bridged the gap between commercial and residential real estate services to provide true full-service offerings across Wisconsin.

Decoding Commercial and Residential Real Estate Differences

Understanding the difference between commercial and residential real estate is important for making informed decisions. Typically, zoning or financing determines the classification between commercial and residential real estate. Commercial zoning is usually for properties used for business or industrial purposes, while residential zoning is for properties used primarily for living or recreational purposes.

The number of units contain within a building further differentiates between the two classifications. A property is considered to be a residential property if it is comprised of 1-4 units. Commercial properties are ones that consist of 5+ residential units.

“The differences between commercial and residential can be challenging to determine at times,” said Kyle Broom, Managing Broker and Owner of Badger Realty Team. “An example is if you are buying a farm to live in it and not actively work it as a farm, it is considered a residential property. If, however, you buy a farm to actively farm it, then you will likely also be filing income tax returns on it, the farm would then be considered a commercial property.”

As in the example, as well as various scenarios with vacant land, the line between commercial and residential real estate has become blurred in recent times, leading to more crossover projects. In these projects, it is beneficial to have a full-service real estate firm that offers expertise in both commercial and residential domains.

The Power of Partnership

The partnership between Greywolf Partners and Badger Realty Team is unique and strategically aligned. It is rare to find a full-service real estate company in Wisconsin, let alone nationwide.

While traditional firms have typically specialized in either commercial or residential development, this unique collaboration presents a full-service approach that caters to all aspects of the real estate spectrum – ranging from commercial, residential, development, and investment, to consulting and appraisal services. This approach enables both companies to analyze projects quickly and accurately determine who is best suited to handle a project. This allows for clients to be able to be serviced under the same roof, no matter where along the real estate transaction cycle their requirements may be.

“I am personally seeing the growing need for a company be able to handle both residential and commercial real estate,” adds Broom. “As larger developments across the state are becoming a mixture of both sides of real estate, it’s crucial to be able to work with municipalities and provide the option to develop the land they envision, instead of having to work with two completely separate entities.”

Traditionally, commercial and residential developers worked independently on their respective projects, leading to fragmented development plans. However, with the rise of mixed-use projects, the need for collaboration between commercial and residential experts has become critical. Greywolf Partners and Badger Realty Team recognized this increasing demand for full-service offerings, not only for development, but also to help provide assistance to clients, no matter what the need may be. This way of working has rarely existed previously in the local marketplace, but it is one that both sides are seeing success with over the past year.

“We felt that combining forces would benefit our clients,” said Joe Wagner, CEO of Greywolf Partners, Inc. “And now we’re seeing how much stronger we are together because we have the capabilities and an even higher level of expertise in-house to be a knowledgeable resource for our clients.”

This unique partnership, which bridges both the commercial and residential sides of real estate, has opened the doors of possibility to nearly 60 residential sales agents from Badger Realty Team and more than 50 commercial advisors and staff members with Greywolf Partners. The collaboration between the two companies is even more apparent in the Cottage Grove office, located just outside of the city of Madison. This location allows both companies to have side-by-side suites. Each company has their respective office spaces; however, they can move in between offices via a shared conference room. The seamless ability to walk next door to ask a question or to get information, makes this more efficient for clients, because they receive more timely answers to their residential or commercial questions.

The partnership between Greywolf Partners and Badger Realty Team stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in the real estate industry. By combining their strengths, they offer a comprehensive range of services, breaking down traditional barriers between commercial and residential real estate. In an ever-changing market, the power of collaboration and adaptability can undoubtedly pave the way for continued growth and success.

For more information on about Greywolf Partners, contact 877.543.4739 or visit www.greywolfpartners.com, and for information on Badger Realty Team, contact 608.839.9777 or visit www.badgerrealtyteam.com.

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