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Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner

General Counsel

As Corporate Legal, Paul is involved with many aspects of Greywolf. Paul utilizes his business and legal education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Oregon School of Law, to advise on a myriad of matters including human resources, operations, marketing, development, and contracts.

Paul was raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and spent many summers and weekends working with his father and brothers restoring residential properties. “I knew from my experiences in Green Bay and seeing how our parents operated their residential portfolio that someday I would find myself working in real estate. It’s special, however, being able to work with dedicated and caring persons like we have here at Greywolf and even more special because I’m working with family again.”

Paul is a strong communicator, motivator, and people person. He has held a variety of management roles over the past fifteen years. As Paul sees it, “Commercial real estate is about timing. It is about finding the right type of property, at the right time and having great business partners in the communities we work in, and those we work with, in order to turn a vision into reality.”

Licenses: Licensed to practice law in the state of Wisconsin.

Additional: Paul enjoys listening to jazz and fly fishing when he can. “Fly fishing has taught me to be patient and to enjoy the moment.” Paul also enjoys watching the Badgers (all sports) throughout the year. His next favorite collegiate team to watch is his law school alma mater — The University of Oregon Ducks.