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The Greywolf & Badger Referral Network acts as a real estate license holding company for those who have a real estate license but are not actively practicing. Within this network, you are able to share referrals to the active members of the team, and upon transaction closing, you are able to obtain a referral fee payment.

How it Works:

Those in the Greywolf & Badger Referral Network must hold a current, valid State of Wisconsin real estate license, but it is not required that you have been affiliated with Greywolf Partners or Badger Realty Team previously. 

Once you have joined the network, you are able to share a referral to the intake team, and they will ensure that your family member, friend, past client, acquaintance – whoever that person is, over to an experienced, active real estate agent who will help with them with their real estate needs, whether that is buying or selling a property. After that transaction is completed, you will receive a referral fee, deposited into the bank account you have on file with us, and that’s it! 

Being in the network relieves you of some of the daily responsibilities of real estate, such as: 

  • Don’t have to work through any part of the transaction, just submit your referral 
  • Don’t have to show or list property or manage transactions 
  • Don’t have to negotiate contracts 
Real Estate Referral Network
Greywolf & Badger Referral Network

The Process

In order to get a referral going within the network, there’s a few simple steps: 

  1. Complete the Network Referral Form and submit to Transaction Manager for review and approval


  2. The transaction manager ensures the form has all the info completed and is shared to the receiving agent. If there is a particular agent within Greywolf Partners or Badger Realty Team you would like the referral to be assigned to, it must be indicated on Network Referral Form
  3. The referral agent picks their split amount for the transaction This is noted on the Network Referral Form, so upon closing the appropriate amount is paid to both the referring and receiving agents. 
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The Costs

There are some upfront costs associated with joining the Greywolf & Badger Referral Network. The below costs are current prices, but are subject to change. 


  • Pre-License Education is $345
    • We can help you purchase the education, but it must be purchased through us to receive the discounted price
  • State Exam must be taken to obtain your real estate license and costs $65 per attempt 
  • Department of Safety & Professional Services (DSPS) Application is currently $60 


  • $150 for two years of continuing education 
  • Annual license renewal through DSPS is currently $60 
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The Benefits

Additional Income 
Can work a job in another field and still earn extra income through referral fees 

Your Contacts Can Earn You $$$ 
Your personal and professional contacts can earn you income through referral fees 

No Production Requirements 
There is no production amount required to continue to be a member 

Transfer to Active Agent 
Your license is still active, and if you choose to actively engage in real estate again, you can work with our team to transfer your license to Greywolf Partners or Badger Realty Team 

How Do I Learn More, or Get Started?

Contact us and let us know you’re interested in joining the Greywolf & Badger Referral Network. We’ll discuss your situation and work with you to ensure this is the best solution for you. After we do that, you’ll be able to review and sign our Referral Network Agreement form, which outlines the parameters of the network. 

Once you have signed that, we’ll help get your license info transferred with the State of Wisconsin to our Referral Network. After you’re officially in the network, you are able to share your referral each time by completing a short form. We’ll take it from there and after the transaction closes, we’ll process your referral fee and get that to you!